The last post was just me checking to see if I could post a photo from etsy. There may be more such posts while I research how to post photos here

Sometimes this techie stuff undermines my creative spirit!  I would rather be dreaming up new projects to create from fabric. 

Wedding Present Idea Photo Display Wall Hanging

An article from an expert

I found a great article, Are You Moving Forward or Just Running in Place,  by Diane Dreher Ph.D.  It resonated with me because I sometimes feel I am "just running in place" instead of actually accomplishing the things I set out to bring about.

One Creativity Killer

One thing I have noticed this past week is how much feeling less than 100% impacts on my creativity.  A bad cold has made me feel sluggish all week, and dampened my enthusiasm for everything but sleep.  I guess we all just have to ride out lows such as this from time to time.

Feedback & Criticism

Things that rev-up my creativity engine include getting good feedback about my little creations.

Constructive criticism is always appreciated too, and some of my best work had been the result of someone seeing an improvement that could be made to one of my brain-children, and having the courage to tell me what they think.

Come Sit On My Porch - gone - Creativity Check-in - here

Since I neglected my Come Sit on my Porch blog for so long, (July 2010) it seems it has gone the way things go when neglected for years.

I am ready for a new focus anyway, and hope to enlist visitors here to share their thoughts on what makes creativity spark for them, as well as what dampens their enthusiasm.

That being said, let's see if this works.....