Once again, I am promising myself to use this blog as a sort of private journal, a way to think through my creativity issues and triumphs. 

One great impediment to posting/journaling for the past year+ has been my computer facing a wall.  Like the barroom gunslingers on 50's TV, I get antsy unless I am facing the room I am in, not the wall.  After a near panic attack last week, I made a place in my quilting room for my desk and PC. 

Now, I am looking through the glass doors onto the patio, and think this will allow me to sit at my computer for more than a few minutes at a time.  The laptop didn't work for me because of the very small screen, and constant noise and interruptions.

Of course, the lack of productivity couldn't have anything to do with a lack of plain old discipline!  Oh no, not me....

How do those women who get so much done do it???

 How do I get more of the things that matter to me done, mainly quilting and writing, while not neglecting other facets of life that are also important, like keeping a reasonably clean, organized home, and a happy husband??? 

The sewing and quilting machines haven't been touched in months, this blog in a year or so.  Yet, in all that time I have been so very busy.....something or someone in my face for attention virtually every waking moment. 

There must be a better way. 

How to reorganize/reprioritize?  I am hungry for the satisfaction of creativity - for the quiet, uninterrupted time to get/let the juices flow.