An article from an expert

I found a great article, Are You Moving Forward or Just Running in Place,  by Diane Dreher Ph.D.  It resonated with me because I sometimes feel I am "just running in place" instead of actually accomplishing the things I set out to bring about.


  1. Good morning Grace! Yes indeed, i too asking myself am i moving forward or just 'running in place'. especially while working at HP (the rat race), i constantly find wondering, does my work really matter in the grand scheme of things/life? - katy

    1. Maybe it is the hours you spend outside of HP work that really count?

      You are such a light in the lives of sooo many people - your life counts a great deal to those whose lives you touch so positively. They/we/I know you are not running in place on a personal level!

  2. I think the key sentence in the article is "Make time each day for what brings you joy..." Thanks for sharing!


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