Posts to this blog have been few and far between this past year.  Somehow, I am too busy living my life to write about it.  Even the wonderful, interesting things haven't been noted.

One such event was attending the MQX International Quilt Show in Portland, Or. last month, where some of the most creative men and women in the world exhibited their works of art.

My daughter, Crystal, and I spent two days walking the aisles at the Portland Civic Center, gazing at absolutely wondrous fiber art wall hangings and quilts.  Each, it seemed, was more lovely than the last.

Creativity was in the air, and we hungrily absorbed it from the many stars of quilting, the first time exhibitors,  the teachers, even the vendors.  Ideas and inspiration were everywhere.

We were Jazzed! We photographed Everything. Our creative juices surged, and by the end of the second day, we couldn't wait to get home to try some of the new products and ideas. The only problem was what to do first! 

For fiber artists, awesome shows like the MQX, and small shows like those at a local quilt guild, community center, or church, are great ways to revitalize creative energies.  The same is true for any hobby, craft, or artistic endevour.  

Mingling with others who share the same passion invigorates and inspires me every time. When I can't get to the live shows, online tutorials and classes also ignite my creative spark.

Please feel free to share what sparks your creativity, and what feeds it long-term.

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